Anniversary – An Act of Memory

Artist Monica Ross has been on a UK tour since last year with her project Act of Memory. This performance act consists of people volunteering to join her to recite the 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) in front of an audience, in English or any language that the participants choose. The performance is about choosing and memorising one (or several) article(s).

On the 17th February, Anniversary – An Act of Memory took place in Bristol (Act40), and brought all sorts of people together, from various backgrounds and ethnicities, all coming together with a belief in equality. Someone recited in British sign language, while a person with learning disabilities did a short article in plain English. I recited Article 5 in Spanish, French, English and German as I was keen to stress the international relevance of the UDHR.

The setting was informal: we all stood or sat down in a circle with the public, so there was no distinction between performers and audience, highlighting the relevance of the Declaration to each of us. It was a truly lovely event.

Act41 will be in Birmingham on the 31st March, outside the cathedral. There will be a total of 60 Acts, all in the UK. If you wish to participate or simply attend, have a look at the website. The events are filmed and photographed.

Photos: Bernard G Mills. Anniversary — An Act of Memory, Monica Ross and Co-Recitors, Arnolfini, 17/02/012


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