Multilingualism Keeps You Sharp

Who has not dreamt of being bilingual? Although there is an obvious practical side to knowing more than one language, there is also evidence that it enhances other skills that would not seem to be immediately related, such as problem-solving, the ability to stay focused and a better adaptability and flexibility to change. Science has now found that it can help our mental health too.

Bilingualism: Consequences for mind and brain, published online on 30th March in the journal “Trends in Cognitive Sciences“, is the result of a study on the effects of bilingualism on cognition in aging adults. Amongst other things, it has found evidence that bilingualism can help delay symptoms of Alzheimer and dementia.


3 thoughts on “Multilingualism Keeps You Sharp

    • First of all, sorry for taking so long to reply!

      Definitely. Languages are a challenge for the brain and they also make us put the way we express our thoughts and concepts into perspective. They can be tricky, as you say, but the challenge is certainly exhilarating. The benefits of speaking other languages are endless.

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