“Defending” Stereotypes in Style

The Guardian recently published a set of 6 commented cartoons on the stereotypes associated with the British, the French, the Germans, the Italians, the Poles and the Spaniards. A handful of journalists from these countries were given the task of compiling a list of clichés associated with each of these nationalities, then had to feedback on the list corresponding to their own country.

Clichés are well-known (and ridiculous) enough as they are, I won’t report them here. But what is an absolute gem in this set is the German reply to the list of German stereotypes, which listed “uber-efficient, diligent, disciplined – and prone to steal the best sunloungers on holiday”: “It’s all true… We have been highly efficient, diligent and disciplined about ensuring the proper upkeep of these clichés.”

So much for the Germans having no sense of humour.


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