The Sea, an Endless Source of Inspiration

The sea defines our continents but knows no frontiers. With all its wonderful creatures, this powerful, ever-moving mass has always brought breathless beauty, fascination and awe to our shores and beyond.

Regardless of geography or time, many artists have felt the urge to paint the sea and its moods in the most diverse forms, colours, textures and styles.

The 8th June is World Oceans’ Day. I’m fund-raising for the Marine Conservation Society – all donations welcome!

Australia: From the Desert to the Sea (2010), Emu Apple Gallery.
UK: J. M. W. Turner – Snow Storm (1842), Tate, London.
Japan: Tabaimo – Midnight Sea (video still, 2012), Hara Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo.
Canada: Mirana ZugerSea (2009), Patrick Gordon Gallery, Ottawa.
Caspar David Friedrich – Monk by the Sea (Der Mönch am Meer) (1808-1810), Alte Nationalgalerie, Berlin.
Lubaina Himid – Between the two my heart is in balance (1991), Tate, London.


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