What do You Want to See?

Art is about to compete with marketing, or indeed take centre stage in our streets, as many commercial posters will be replaced by prints of artworks all around the UK for two refreshing weeks.

From the 21st June (tomorrow), the Art Everywhere project will open its virtual polling station to the broad public. By voting for your favourite 50 British artworks, this is your chance to influence what we see around the country between 10th and 25th August, making a visual difference to our urban landscape. As there will be tens of thousands of such posters, this will turn the UK into “the world’s largest art gallery”.

This is free, so get involved and get voting!

The Beguiling of Merlin, by Edward Burne-Jones

The Beguiling of Merlin, by Edward Burne-Jones

Photo: wikipaintings.org


London, the 6th French City

Contrary to the well-outdated French-British feuds that some like to cling on to, I realised 15 years ago that, despite having left France, I could not escape the French. The French presidential election results also revealed that there were currently  just over 1 million French citizens living abroad.

This week, the BBC has reported that many from the new French generation seem quite happy to call the UK home, more than any generation before. The French Consulate in London estimates that there are between 300,000 and 400,000 French expatriates in London alone, more than in Nantes or Bordeaux, so it could be dubbed “the 6th French city”. Some of the main reasons are the difficulties of employment and the social tensions in l’Hexagone.

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